We started a great expedition; we are going to build an airship! A playa-ready art car built in the city where the VOC built the most beautiful ships 400 years ago and where this spirit still bubbles through the blood of a collective of do-ers, dreamers, burners, builders and other wild rabble. In the coming period we will focus on the construction of an insane airship. Think of the Abraxas Dragon, think of the Mayan Warrior, but also of the MS Monaco, Robot Heart and of course the Spirit Train. Artcars who get a big European steampunk brother.
An airship on steroids, une bateau extraordinaire, a ship of dreamers beyond your imagination, “gewoon een heel erg lekker luchtscheepje” which we will fly to festivals in the Netherlands and beyond. But we will also throw our own off the grid parties at locations that are announced last minute and of course only for the collective and supporters (and not for Uncle Police Officer 😉), so; Join the Army, because you do not want to miss this boat!

All help from our community is very welcome! Expertise, tips, connections, (crowdfunding) donations, ideas, material, but also your presence can make this an amazing process with lots of fun, cosiness and new friendships. If you think you can help build a lower deck bar (a la the Bachstelzen Obacht), have an understanding of electricity, light & (insane) sound, power supply (aggregates), know about flame throwers or LED panels, CO2 guns, decoration or perhaps online can help with followers, crowdfunding or illustrations, logo design, making / editing film etc. then join us or follow us and we will see each other on the ship’s maiden voyage!


The Olympians